Bonnie’s Best Tips — Modern Bohemian Magic

Spice up your space with this terrific trend!

One of last year’s biggest interior design trends is still going strong well into 2017, and I’m so glad it is, because I love it – it’s Modern Bohemian!

“Bohemian” first emerged as a design style in the late ‘60’s, and though it has expanded over the years to include sub-categories like “boho-chic” the basic recipe remains the same: combine streamlined finishes with natural elements and patterned textiles to create a space that’s both comfortable and eclectic!

Want to create some Modern Bohemian magic in your own home?  Try including these:

  • Warm wood and metallic tones
  • Simple subway tile
  • Black and white backdrops
  • Natural elements
  • Turkish rugs and linens

For a great example of these elements in action, check out the photo of the bathroom at the top of this page — it incorporates the perfect combination of Modern Bohemian ingredients — and who wouldn’t love showering in such a beautiful, natural space!

Here’s another bathroom that blends the cool simplicity of black and white with the rustic warmth of textured linen and wicker to create a welcoming retreat.

Need the perfect Bohemian accent? Try! You’ll find lovely Turkish linens, beautiful blankets, stunning pottery, and lots more terrific inspiration for your Modern Bohemian space!

Bonnie is an expert at the Coleman Homes Design Gallery, where she loves helping clients see their dream homes come to life!  To find out more about Bonnie or to get more information about building your own dream home, schedule a Design Gallery preview tour!



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