Ke’Shana’s Creative Design Trends: Optimize Your Open Floorplan

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Get the most out of your great room with three easy tricks!

Step into a home with an open floorplan, and you’ll instantly understand why it’s one of the most popular trends in home building today. Fewer interior walls create a home that feels spacious, airy and suffused with natural light — and it’s ideal for entertaining! But open floorplans can also present a challenge.  That one large space needs to be versatile enough to meet many needs, while still feeling cozy and inviting. How can you get the most out of your great room? Try these three easy ways of defining your space!

Use furniture as a partition

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Sofa tables are great because they visually divide your room, and because their low profile won’t obstruct your line of vision. They can be decorative or multi-functional – just add a low profile stool to create an instant workstation.

If you’d like to create a statement in a larger space, consider an open floor-to-ceiling bookcase! You can stack it with books, style it with vases and plants, or embrace simplicity by using it strictly as a room divider.


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A consistent color palette creates a feeling of tranquility in your home, but you can also use color to add definition. By concentrating more saturated hues in one specific area, you’ll visually separate it from its surroundings. Our Barrett model home at Timbermist in Kuna features a palette of peaceful neutrals, but deep blue armchairs distinguish the living room, while touches of black, white and grey accent the kitchen.  Each room is defined, yet the space remains harmonious.

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Chandeliers are not just for the formal dining room – and pendants are not just for the breakfast bar! Statement lighting can help to define a space by drawing your eye. Use a large single fixture to designate a seating area or, if you’re feeling bold, try pendants! Two or three pendant lights hung at staggered heights add a dramatic touch — or try grouping a larger collection to really turn heads!

With a few decorating tricks like these, it’s easy to optimize your open floorplan to create a space that’s cozy, comfortable, and convenient!

As a Design Consultant at the Coleman Homes Design Gallery, Ke’Shana says the most rewarding part of her day is seeing how excited home buyers get once they’ve finished designing their home. “There’s so much emotion behind the experience,” she says, “it’s a special event, every time.” If you’d like to learn more about Ke’Shana or the experience of creating a dream home of your own, we invite you to come see us! We’ll be glad to answer your questions or start you along the path to new home happiness.

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