Simple, Mindful Style with Kate — Your Build Experience Milestones

Here’s What to Expect as your Dream Comes to Life

Building a new home is an adventure with a lot of exciting milestones along the way.  Wondering how to begin?  Here’s a handy road map to guide you as you embark upon your journey to new-home happiness!

Step 1:  DREAM
Shopping for your new home

Catch the first glimpse of your dream at our website,! From the comfort of your own home you can peruse floorplans with our interactive floorplan tool (IFP), explore options on our Included Features pages, and discover each community from our aerial tours. Want a firsthand experience? Stop by and see us at a Sales Center! Our Team of Experts will be glad to answer your questions, show you fully-decorated model homes, and let you check ­out community amenities for yourself. When you’re ready for even more inspiration, take a Preview Tour at our state-of-the-art Design Gallery. Our Design Consultants offer expert insight into home features and finishes, and they’re glad to answer questions about making your new home fit your needs.

Step 2:  DECIDE
Finalize your big decisions — structure and location

After you’ve had a chance to explore all the possibilities, you can start making real choices! Select the community and homesite that suit you best, then let your Sales Manager walk you through Design Appointment 1, where you’ll pick your floorplan, elevation, and structural options. We’ll prepare a Purchase & Sale Agreement for you, and once it has been signed, accepted and ratified, you’ll be scheduled for a Hello to Home Orientation. This is also a great time to explore the Homeowner Guide your Sales Manager gives you – it’s chock full of helpful details about building your new home.

Step 3:  DESIGN
Make your home uniquely you!

Step three is where the real fun begins, as you and your family start making a wish list of all your favorite features. Meanwhile, we’ll create a site plan showing the footprint of your new home and begin to prepare your building permit packet.

At your Hello to Home Orientation, you’ll review and approve your site plan and schedule your Design Appointments 2 and 3 at the Coleman Homes Design Gallery. Design Appointment 2 is a three-hour appointment that lets you personalize your home by choosing the colors and finishes that reflect your style. It’s closely followed by Design Appointment 3, where you get to select the comfort and function options that make your new house feel like home. Our Design Consultants are ready to offer one-on-one support, and they’re experts at helping you achieve the look you want on the budget that’s right for you.

In the meantime, we’ll submit your building packet to the city and help you finalize all the deposits, appointment paperwork, and schematics needed to continue to the next steps. Once the city grants approval to your permits and your design appointments are finalized, we can schedule your dig on our construction calendar!


Step 4:  BUILD
Make your home uniquely you!

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of watching your dream take shape from the ground up! To keep you informed every step of the way, we give you an online overview of your construction schedule that’s easy to access from our online Hello to Home portal.

Right around the time we break ground on your new property, you’ll meet with your Construction Manager at a Construction Orientation. He or she will go over the building process and explain the five quality inspection points we schedule throughout construction. You’ll meet with your Construction Manager again at a Structural Orientation that takes place just before your home reaches the sheet rock stage. This is a great chance to ask questions and learn more about the final steps needed to bring your new home to completion!

Step 5:  LIVE
Welcome home!

You’ve watched your new Boise-area home grow right before your eyes – but before you and your family move in, we want to prepare you with all the information you’ll need for a smooth transition! About five days before your scheduled closing you’ll meet with your Customer Care Representative for a New Home Orientation (NHO). He or she will guide you on a tour through your new home to demonstrate its features and explain how they function. You’ll gain valuable insight into new home maintenance and home warranty coverage, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Closing takes place at the title company office, where you’ll sign final documents. Then you’ll be ready to pick up your keys and move in! This is a great time to review the Homeowner Guide your Sales Manager gave you in Step 2 – it’s packed with loads of practical tips for making your move easy.

Rest assured, we’ll still be there for you after the move! Thirty days after you take possession of your new home we schedule a Warranty walk-thru to address any questions or issues that might have arisen as you and your family settled in. If other questions or issues turn up over the next year, make sure to use the Warranty Request at; our friendly Customer Care Representatives will be glad to help. At the eleven-month mark, we’ll come back for another walk-thru, just to make sure you and your new home are doing great.

Want more information about any stage of the home building experience? We’d love to help! Contact us today to ask questions or to schedule a Preview Tour.

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