Trina’s Top Notch Advice — Window Sill Herb Garden

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Brighten up your kitchen – and your cooking – with this easy addition!

Herbs are a nice way to add a fresh flavor to summer and winter cooking – and having them readily available in your kitchen is even better!  With a window sill garden, it’s easy to enjoy fresh herbs all throughout the year.

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When planning your kitchen garden, choose herbs with a scent you enjoy, or ones you’ll use often in cooking. Individual pots work well, or you can set multiple plants in a long, narrow trough; both kinds of containers are perfect for placing right on your windowsill where they’ll get plenty of sunshine. Make sure your pot or planter is at least four inches deep with adequate drainage – and don’t forget to place a tray underneath to protect your countertop from excess moisture!

Want to keep your herbs healthy and bug-free? Avoid overwatering, and be sure to snip sprigs frequently; the more herbs you use, the more you’ll encourage your plants to grow!

Andrew Model-01

Our Andrew floorplan from the Woodland Collection offers the perfect window sill for a beautiful kitchen garden! Come see it yourself at The Oaks in Meridian, and find some terrific inspiration for your kitchen!

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